11 As part of its environmentally conscious developments, Laurie said Olson includes features such as low-flush toilets, tankless water heaters and LED lighting, to name a few. In addition, by building within walkable communities and near transit, Olson is get- ting more people out of their cars, which has positive effects for the environment in terms of air quality. “We need to think about the future and how people are going to live in their homes and how that is going to change,” Laurie said. “We are looking at some smaller units to drive affordability. It’s something that is be- coming more and more important as the cur- rent real estate cycle evolves.” With housing prices in California already high and continuing to rise, Laurie noted that buyers are not the only group feeling the pressure. He explained that develop- ing in California, due in large part to strin- gent environmental standards, has become far more expensive compared to other states. Because of this, Laurie said compromises must be made between developers, cities and homebuyers so affordable housing can continue to be built throughout the state in highly desirable areas. “We are extremely focused from the beginning on finding the land, all the way through our buildout and for our homeowners,” Laurie said. “Nothing is more important to us than homeowner satisfaction, which is why we are number one in North America from Eliant – a nationally rec- ognized third-party survey firm in the home building industry – for overall purchase experience. We take that very, very seriously.” To live up to the company’s “customer comes first” mantra, Laurie explained that Olson remains active on its communities for 10 years through its Champion Program, which allows for a continued presence to ensure and maintain the level of excellence the company takes pride in. Laurie said there are not many companies that have been operat- ing for nearly 30 years working specifically with infill projects. That experience is what differenti- ates Olson from its competitors. He explained that the company has remained disciplined to the niche and learned from previous community developments and continues to evolve as buyer’s preferences change and technol- ogy becomes more prudent. Many Olson employees have been with the company for more than 10 years, according to Laurie. He said this consistency and the disciplined nature with which the company continues to refine its vision, while maintaining its core beliefs, is what keeps The Olson Company ahead of other developers. “We’re always focused on getting better at what we do and it starts with the fact that we are very thoughtful in every decision that we make in de- veloping these communities,” Laurie said. “We’re very strategic. We’re very data oriented and analytical. We do a lot of research to understand where we build, who our buyers are, what the city desires and what the neigh- borhood needs. We are incredibly passionate about what we do as a com- pany, and look forward to our next 30 years.” ■ Fig & 50 Walk in Highland Park represents a quintessential Olson community. Fig & 50 Walk also features stylish kitchen and dining designs that resonate with homebuyers. 2017_18Pages_OlsonCopy_PortAnniversary 12/22/17 11:51 AM Page 11