5 In Town Living Table of Contents (Cover photograph by Chris Chandler at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art) 6 – Steve Olson, Founder And Chairman Of The Olson Company, Discusses The Housing Crisis 10 –A Discussion With Olson Company President & CEO Scott Laurie – Thoughtful Development Drives Housing Diversity And Builds Communities 12 –An Interview With Community Development President Todd Olson – Finding The Right Location: Dealing With Land-Use And Other City Policies 16 – Homebuyer Satisfaction: The Olson Company’s No. 1 Priority Is All About Relationships, Details And Quality, As Bill Holford, President, Olson Communities Explains 18 – Examining The Importance Of New For-Sale Housing In California 20 – Space And Place: Community Is Key For Homebuyers 24 – Improvements In Design Bring In New Homebuyers 25 – Architect Alan Scales On Designing For Modern Urban Living 26 – Food For Thought – Food Halls Emerge As New Social Space 30 – Acknowledgements 2017_18Pages_OlsonCopy_PortAnniversary 12/22/17 11:41 AM Page 5